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Riding Boots Featuring: Added 11/02/2017
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This video from the archives is quite the stunner, Fall in California- Boots and Knee High Socks removed to reveal Kayla Jane Dangers exceptional feet! Toes are spread then pointed to show off their flexibility and strength. These are the greatest feet on the internet !

3 minutes, 17 seconds of video

Couples Therapy Part 2 Featuring: Bree Daniels ,  Jenna J Ross ,  Kayla Jane Added 10/21/2017
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In the first part Kayla put's Bree and Jenna, a struggling couple, into a hypnotic trance, they've been kissing and worshiping each others feet and Kayla wants some for herself, Part 2 starts with Kayla snapping the women to attention, ready to heed her instructions. Kayla puts Bree on the floor, and has her remove one of Kayla's stiletto Louboutins, then has Jenna take off the other. Once Kayla's high arched feet are naked it's time for Bree and Jenna to worship them passionately as Kayla implants triggers that will only help their future love & sex life, encouraging their relationship, and exploration of their secret desires for one another. They lick up Kayla's extremely high arches, suck on her toes and nibble on her soles like good little hypno-robots ! This is an explosive scene you won't want to miss!

12 minutes, 7 seconds of video

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Couples Therapy Part 1 Featuring: Bree Daniels ,  Jenna J Ross ,  Kayla Jane Added 10/18/2017
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Kayla is the ultimate therapist, she connects with her patients in ways they never thought possible and brings them to new levels of understanding within themselves. The session starts long before you tuned in, Bree and Jenna are a lesbian couple, looking for a deeper connection since they seem to be at odds with one another. The ladies fight for no reason, arent being intimate, and its taking a toll on their relationship. So Kayla is ready to take them down a path that will change their lives. Kayla asks them to touch, just to connect their energies, and they do, begrudgingly. Kayla instructs both ladies to close their eyes and follow her instructions starting with deep meaningful breaths in and out, slow and steady, lulling them into a deep relaxing trance. These women slip deeper and deeper into this trance and when Kayla snaps their eyes open, the induction continues seamlesslyinto instruction and she has them kiss deeply, then take off one anothers shoes giving kisses to each others soles. The two beauties worship each others feet passionately before Kayla snaps ... want to see what happens next - there is a part 2!

12 minutes, 50 seconds of video

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